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To request California CLE, please send an email to Lucy Silva at with the subject line “PBTI CLE Request.” In the email, state your name and the date you watched the video. This information will be verified and a CLE certificate will be emailed to you.

At this time, only California CLE credit is available for the trainings. Additionally, CLE credit is only available for the individual registered for the training.

For your convenience, a list of the maximum amount of CLE offered for each training module is posted below.

December 2017/January 2018: Due to the high number of requests during these months your CLE may take more than 10 business days to arrive. However, the issue date for your CLE will be the date the training was viewed.

Advanced Health Care Directives
Definitition, Importance, and Overview of Components 0.25
Agents 0.5
Health Care Instructions 0.25
Execution & Best Pracitices for Client Counseling 0.25
Asylum 101 0.5
General Requirements for Aslyum 0.25
Bars and Evidentiary Standards for Asylum 0.25
Procedures for Defensive Applications 0.75
Assessing the Case 0.25
Master Calendar Hearing 0.25
The Individual Calendar Hearing and Obtatining a Decision 0.25
Procedures for Affirmative Applications for Asylum 1
What if Barred from Asylum 0.75
Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Based Claims 0.75
Best Practices for Meeting and Interviewing a Client 1
How to Write a Declaration 0.5
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
Annoucned Program Phase Out 0.5
Completeing DACA Renewal Forms 0.5
After DACA Renewal Applications are Submitted 0.25
LGBT Cultural Competency 101 0.25
Elder Abuse Restraining Orders
What is Elder Abuse, the Elder Abuse Restraining Order, and Alternatives 0.25
Requirements to Acquire EARO Relief 0.5
Procedural Steps to Acquiring EARO Relief 0.25
How to Complete the Necessary Forms to Trigger EARO Process 0.25
Procedure for EARO Hearings and Best Practices 0.25
Expungement/Prop 47
Determining Eligibility for Expungements & Reducing Felonies 0.5
How to Read a DOJ Rap Sheet 0.5
Determining Eligibility for Proposition 47 Reduction 0.25
Filling out Los Angeles County Expungement Forms 0.25
Filling out Los Angeles County Proposition 47 Forms 0.25
Filling out Contra Costa County Expungement/Proposition 47 Forms 0.25
End of Life Client Counseling
Introduction to End of Life Client Counseling 0.25
Family Preparedness
Introduction 0.25
Caregiver Affidavit 0.25
Helping Immigrant Families Prepare for their children’s future 0.25
Types of Housing and Tenancy 0.75
Common Landlord-Tenant Problems and their Legal Remedies 1.25
Basics of Unlawful Detainer 1.25
How to Prepare an Answer – Defenses Throughout the Case 0.5
Best Practices for Trial 0.75
Negotiation and Settlement Arrangements 1.25
Best Practices for Day of Trial 1
Lockout Process and Stay of Executions 0.5
Immigration 101
Blood, Sweat, and Tears Part 1 0.5
Blood, Sweat, and Tears Part 1 0.25
Blood, Sweat, and Tears Part 2 0.25
Blood, Sweat, and Tears Part 3 0.5
Blood, Sweat, and Tears Part 4 0.5
Blood, Sweat, and Tears Part 5 0.5
Blood, Sweat, and Tears Part 6 0.5
In-Home Supportive Services
Defining the Scope IHSS Benefits and Applying for IHSS Benefits 0.5
Appealing IHSS Benefits Part 1 0.25
Appealing IHSS Benefits Part 2 0.5
IHSS Benefits for Minors 0.5
Assessing IHSS Benefits Part 1 0.5
Assessing IHSS Benefits Part 2 0.5
Naturalization 101 0.5
Fee Waivers 0.5
Filling out the N-400 0.5
Red Flags on the N-400 0.25
Medical Fee Waiver 0.5
Legal Workshop/Clinic Overview 0.25
Statutory Wills
Wills, Their Importance & Capabilities of Statutory Wills 0.25
Wills Components, Probate Assets, Formalities, Modification, and Post-Execution Counseling 0.5
Completing the Statutory Will 0.5
Violence Against Women Act
Basics of VAWA Relief & Working with Immigrant Victims 0.5

PBTI is a collaboration between the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, OneJustice, and Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County.


The Pro Bono Training Institute (PBTI) brings together California’s nonprofit and private legal sectors to develop online trainings with the goal of standardizing training throughout the state.

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