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PBTI wants to collaborate with legal services nonprofits.

Help us develop innovative pro bono trainings.

For each new training, our team convenes a statewide group of experts from legal services nonprofits and helps turn their expertise into trainings that are recorded and then made available online.

PBTI helps Legal Services organizations:

Recruit trained pro bono attorneys to become involved in their work.

Save the organization’s staff’s resources by collaborating with statewide experts to create uniform substantive trainings.

We also “train the trainer”— that is, train legal services attorneys in the best way adults learn, helping your organization create highly effective pro bono trainings.

If you would like to participate in the Pro Bono Training Institute or if you have any questions regarding participation please contact Jeanne Nishimoto, Pro Bono Training Coordinator at, or call 323.801.7908.

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The Pro Bono Training Institute (PBTI) brings together California’s nonprofit and private legal sectors to develop online trainings with the goal of standardizing training throughout the state.

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